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Access Legal Group is a Family Law and Estate Planning Law Firm for today's client. We are California’s premier full service law firm, providing true full service legal assistance for virtually every financial budget. Our experienced and successful Huntington Beach family law attorneys have delivered powerful results for thousands of clients from all walks of life. Whether you have a family law or estate planning matter, Access Legal Group is ready to help.

We understand that every client has unique needs that may not always be met by the traditional law firm. While most law firms only accept clients who desire full representation, Access Legal Group has gone beyond full representation and also provides services to clients who only require limited assistance through the use of our attorney assisted self-representation services, making us a true full service law firm.

Our experience, success, professionalism and creative approach to handling cases leads the majority of our clients to choose our full representation services. Unlike most other law firms, however, we recognize that you may want different options in the level of representation you need or receive. At Access Legal Group we give you those options through our innovative tiered service structure. You receive premium legal services by choosing between our different levels of service at any stage of your case.

Full Representation

You can choose full representation and have an attorney handle all aspects of your case. This level of service provides you the best level of protection. Our Huntington Beach family law lawyers have many years of experience in family law and estate planning practice. Our experience allows us to approach each case in a unique way to provide the maximum benefit to our clients. With full representation you have peace of mind that our success is working for you.

Attorney Assisted Self-Representation

You can also choose to represent yourself and have one of our attorneys assist you through the process with our attorney-assisted self-representation services in appropriate situations. With this level of service you choose how much to involve our attorneys in your case. Our attorneys can provide consultations, provide advice, draft documents, review documents and even make court appearances on an as needed basis. Our attorneys work in the background while helping you to represent yourself. This level of service provides you with the ability to reduce legal fees while still receiving the needed guidance of an attorney.

What We Do

You decide how you want our assistance by choosing from a variety of service options. We can provide services for almost any budget. Our full representation services include attorney representation at all stages of the case. These are the more traditional services provided by most law firms. Most cases require the assistance of an attorney throughout all stages. Our experienced and aggressive attorneys are prepared to help you in such matters.

For individuals who cannot afford full representation or for those who simply choose to represent themselves, we provide our attorney-assisted services. With attorney-assisted services, we help you to represent yourself in a wide variety of legal matters. When using our attorney-assisted services, our attorneys will provide you with legal advice and personally draft your documents and ensure their quality and accuracy based upon the information you provide. You can consult with one of our attorneys during any stage or phase of your case to get the assistance you need. Attorney consultations are available for all our legal services whenever you feel you need attorney assistance.

Speak with one of our Huntington Beach family law attorneys and get the legal advice you need. Our attorneys will evaluate your case and provide you with the information you need to select the services you want.

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